Thursday 25 May 2023
Area 42 Petit
Quantum Software Consortium (NL)

Panel Description

Quantum computing promises to break public key encryption. If you’d have access to a quantum computer, you would be able to decipher intercepted messages. These computers are not yet powerful enough, but when they are, this has significant implications for privacy and data protection. And experts estimate that such a computer will be probably developed in 10-15 years. The question is: what should governments and organisations do to prepare for this, and what laws must there be to safeguard against abuse of these powerful machines?

• What are the risks of quantum computing to public key encryption?
• What obligations do governments have to facilitate the transition to quantum-resistant cryptography?
• What are the obligations of governments with regard to the use of quantum computers for decryption?
• What practical obstacles are there for transitioning to quantum-resistant cryptography?

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