Wednesday 25 May 2022
Grande Halle

Panel Description

There remains considerable uncertainty as to how international transfers of personal data under the GDPR should be legitimated. Data controllers and processors in the EU are often left in a state of confusion as to whether, and how, they might engage in international transfers. Questions swirl concerning, for example, which approaches might be used in relation to which countries, as to the degree to which evaluations of national laws in third countries should be carried out, and as to how the situation may change in future. Against this background, this panel brings together practicing lawyers and policy professionals who deal with the legitimation of international transfers under the GDPR on a daily basis. Panelists will offer their perspectives on the current situation and will consider, amongst others, the following questions:

• What are the best ways to legitimate international transfers, and why?
• What novel approaches have come to the fore in dealing with international transfers over the past couple of years?
• How should lawyers and other professionals deal with the ongoing uncertainty surrounding the legitimation of international transfers?
• What can legal practice tell us about policy solutions moving forwards?

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