Wednesday 25 May 2022
Area 42 Grand
Ada Lovelace Institute (UK)

Panel Description

Today’s complex but invisible data infrastructures, operated and controlled by dominant tech platforms, block the way for more sustainable, privacy-protective and user-centric business models that place emphasis on accountability towards individual users and are mindful of the social impacts. The panel will discuss what regulatory, technological and institutional transformations are needed in order to reclaim the power over data and algorithms from dominant platforms and re-channel it to serve individual and societal goals. Invited experts will discuss the most promising avenues, which include data sharing structures and governance models, and new types of infrastructure and institutions that could emerge following the European data strategy. The panel will acknowledge risks and practical difficulties that come with potential transformations that aim to change how power over data and algorithms operates. These changes can be opening up the core functions of dominant platforms via interoperability measures, opening access to data controlled by dominant platforms for non-commercial purposes and introducing data governance intermediaries motivated by social goals. These insights will be based on preliminary findings made by the Rethinking Data working group set up by the Ada Lovelace Institute.

• How do the proposed measures in the European data strategy (which includes the Data Governance Act, Digital Markets
Act, Data Act) meet the ambition to re-channel the use of data and algorithms towards societal goals? Are these
measures fit for purpose?
• What data protection and data security safeguards need to be built in the design of new data governance frameworks, institutions and infrastructures to prevent loopholes, harms and abuses?
• What would new power structures and a new role for data look like, beyond what has been proposed in the Data Governance Act and the Data Act, to address structural dependencies and strengthen accountability?


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