Wednesday 25 May 2022
Area 42 Midi
Internet Users Association

Panel Description

The Personal Information Management Systems (PIMS) concept offers a new approach in which individuals are the “holders” of their own personal information. PIMS allow individuals to manage their personal data in secure, local or online storage systems and share them when and with whom they choose. Individuals would be able to decide what services can use their data, and what third parties can share them. This allows for a human centric approach to personal data and to new business models, protecting against unlawful tracking and profiling techniques that aim at circumventing key data protection principles.
PIMS promises to offer not only a new technical architecture and organisation for data management, but also trust frameworks and, as a result, alternative business models for collecting and processing personal data, in a manner more respectful of European data protection law. This panel will address PIMs from the perspective of the EU regulatory framework, new business models, tools for implementation and success stories. It will be of special interest for companies, developers and entrepreneurs interested in business proposals based on the personal data of European citizens.

• What are the benefits of data sharing for citizens?
• What is Europe’s personal data strategy in both regulatory and business development?
• Are user-centric data models competitive?
• What are the main barriers to personal data-driven business development and how to overcome them?


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