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Thursday 31 January 2019
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Panel Description

The digitisation of learning and institutions of public education has a number of different impacts on pupils. While the use of smartphones in class is still a topic for debate in some areas, a number of major foundations in the US support the introduction of personalized learning systems into public education. These systems rely upon the collection of personal data from pupils in and out of the classroom. Algorithms then analyse the data to identify individuals’ learning needs and steer their learning activities. With this panel, we examine how the meaning of learning, the role of learners and teachers, and the interplay of public and private within the educational sphere is constructed. We then analyze how general trends in the digitisation of education are likely to affect both student privacy and also education in the US and in Europe.

• How does the digital transition affect the traditional role of education?
• What are the strategies that private foundations are adopting to support personalized learning and how successful have they been?
• What impact does the digitisation of education have on the privacy of students?
• How can the emerging privacy issues be addressed?

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