Tuesday 24 May 2022
La Cave

Panel Description

Several structuring data-driven projects, requiring massive collection and use of personal data have been initiated in Africa and in the Middle East. These projects are initiated either by national governments, as is the case in the UAE and Qatar, or by continental and international actors such as Smart Africa, the World Bank and the United Nations. A key success factor to the above-mentioned projects is the enactment and efficient enforcement of data protection frameworks that enable digital trust among controllers and data subjects. This panel aims, on the one hand, to shed the light on the development of privacy frameworks in Africa and in the Middle East and, on the other, to examine how DPAs (both established and nascent ones) and other stakeholders (NGOs and UN organizations) adopt these in order to strike the right balance between pressing demands for personal data and individuals’ privacy protection, especially when other rights (health, security, etc.) are also at stake.

• What is the current/foreseeable map of personal data protection frameworks in Africa and in the Middle East?
• What are the enablers and hurdles to the development of privacy protection in the region?
• Privacy protection is relatively a nascent concept in the region?
• How do DPAs manage to keep the pace with international development in this field, which are most of time driven by imported technologies?

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