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Friday 1 February 2019
Grande Halle

Panel Description

“Nameless, Faceless” (Courtney Barnett) or “Hi H8ter” (Miss Eaves) are just two examples of popular reactions to the widespread problem of online harassment of women. Harassment can take a myriad of shapes and encompass different degrees of violence and aggressiveness. It can have dramatic consequences on the lives and rights of the women affected, and it does generally perturb online debates and digital public opinion. Directly connected to sexism and misogyny, it often manifests also in connection with other discriminatory practices, and non-white women are disproportionately targeted by hateful comments and threats. The pervasiveness and insidiousness of this phenomenon triggers many questions, such as: 

• What is the role of online platforms in the fight against the online abuse of women? And what could be the role of technology in measuring its incidence, as well as in countering it?
• Which framings would allow an effective fight against this, as well as against the abuse of trans and gender-diverse individuals?
• How does this problem, but also its possible solutions, intersect with the right to privacy?
• Are existing legal frameworks and European policy fit for purpose?

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