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Friday 1 February 2019
Petite Halle

Panel Description

On 11 December 2018, almost two years after the Commission presented its proposal, the new data protection Regulation for Union institutions and bodies (EU) 2018/1725 entered into application, replacing the Regulation (EC) No 45/2001. The new Regulation aligns the data protection regime for Union institutions and bodies with the GDPR and the Data Protection Law Enforcement Directive (EU) 2016/680. At the same time, and after five years of legislative negotiations, the new Eurojust Regulation entered into force and will apply from 12 December 2019. With these two brand new legislative instruments, in 2019 Eurojust will become the first EU law enforcement agency that does not have an autonomous, standalone data protection regime.

• What is the meaning of all these changes? Why a separate Regulation for Union institutions and bodies? 
• What are the differences between the new Regulation and the GDPR/Data Protection Law Enforcement Directive? 
• What are the EU law enforcement agencies? Do e.g. Frontex or the EU Common Defense and Security Policy missions have law enforcement tasks? What is a law enforcement task? 
• Do EU law enforcement agencies need even more specific data protection rules than the GDPR/Data Protection Law Enforcement Directive, and if yes, why?

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