Wednesday 24 May 2023
Area 42 Grand
European Commission (EU)

Panel Description

Model clauses are an instrument that is increasingly used for data transfers in different systems around the world. Two systems that have developed such clauses are the European Union (Standard Contractual Clauses) and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Model Contractual Clauses). Since both clauses share a number of commonalities, the EU and ASEAN are working together to further facilitate their use. This notably includes the publication of a Guide to assist companies present in both jurisdictions with their compliance efforts under both sets of clauses. This panel will explore the role and benefits of model clauses as a transfer instrument and the objective of this new dimension of the cooperation between the EU and ASEAN.

• What has led the EU and ASEAN to adopt or modernise model data protection clauses for data transfers?
• What are the benefits of such model clauses (for businesses, individuals, etc.?)  
• What is the purpose of the Guide and what next steps are foreseen?
• What are the opportunities for further cooperation between the EU and ASEAN in this area?
• Are there opportunities for cooperation on model clauses beyond the EU-ASEAN dimension?

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