Tuesday 24 May 2022
Area 42 Grand
Future of Privacy Forum (FPF) (US)

Panel Description

Sharing mobility data for the common good needs careful assessment because context matters. To what extent can citizens benefit from mobility data without having to sacrifice their rights and freedoms? In this panel we will dive into the upcoming EU Mobility Data Space, which is one of the ten data spaces proposed by the European Commission. Furthermore, we will explore how the Data Act may tap the potential of horizontal (cross-sector) data sharing, while empowering citizens to make better decisions and protect their privacy.

• How can the upcoming Data Act and EU Mobility Data Space address cities’ innovation and sustainability goals, while still safeguarding citizens’ privacy?
• Are current frameworks, such as the Mobility Data Sharing Agreement, covering stakeholders’ needs for legal certainty when sharing data for the common good?
• What are relevant use cases for privacy-preserving bolstered exchanges of data in this space?
• How to assess the cross-sharing of mobility data in context?
• Data minimisation concerns: can location data collected and shared by mobility service providers effectively be anonymised?


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