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Thursday 31 January 2019
La Cave

Panel Description

Many countries with either a large majority Muslim population or an explicitly Islamic Legal system have or are considering the adoption of Data Protection legislation. This panel first presents the principles of Islamic legal theory, that laws should implement and embody principles of social organisation present in the Q’ran. The concept of privacy as presented in the Q’ran and associated commentaries follows. Finally, the implementation this leads to in example countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia is briefly described.

• How does the Q’ran figure in the development of law in Islamic countries/Muslim majority countries?
• How is privacy explicitly and implicitly present in the Q’ran?
• How is this interpreted in defining concepts of privacy for legal implementation, and how does this interpretation lend itself to abuse/misuse, e.g. in differential application to men and women?
• What differences and similarities in Data Protection exist between Muslim countries, and between Muslim and non-Muslim countries?


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