Friday 24 January 2020
Grande Halle
Open Rights Group

Panel Description

With regulators across the EU investigating the operation of real-time bidding (RTB) and sizing up when and how to enforce the law, 2020 could be a seminal year for the adtech industry. Almost every website uses RTB systems to display personally targeted adverts. RTB broadcasts a site visitor’s personal data - including their IP address, location, browsing history and special category indicators - to a hidden corporate ecosystem without limit or safeguard, a routine and systematic GDPR violation. This panel assesses the complaints against RTB and discusses the implications for industry stakeholders if regulatory enforcement of GDPR requires substantial practical change.

  • What factors are complicating GDPR enforcement in the RTB complaints?
  • How might Google, the IAB and adtech companies respond to a DPA declaration that RTB is unlawful?
  • What challenges do online publishers expect to face if RTB is declared unlawful?
  • What ethical criteria and models of online advertising could replace RTB?


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