Tuesday 24 May 2022
Area 42 Grand
The European Consumer Organisation (BEUC) (BE)

Panel Description

‘Move fast and break things’ has been the motto of some of the biggest tech companies. It can be largely debated what they have actually ’broken’ but one thing is clear: the lines that separated various areas of law (e.g. competition, consumer protection, data protection) have been broken, or at least blurred. This creates many challenges. How can we effectively address practices which may infringe several legal instruments at the same time, in several jurisdictions, under the watch of several authorities? Bad actors seek to exploit the cracks and gaps in our system and often get away with little consequences for their actions. Whereas the gravity of those actions might sometimes seem limited when looking through a single lens, the picture quickly changes when we broaden our perspective. It is time for enforcers to move fast and break things too.

• How are existing EU enforcement structures in various areas cooperating with each other?
• How can we achieve effective interdisciplinary enforcement to tackle systemic issues undermining our rights and freedoms in the digital world?
• Is data protection the area that connects all the dots? What about consumer rights protection or competition?
• What role for private enforcement actions (e.g., via consumer and other civil society organisations) to drive change and ensure an interdisciplinary approach to enforcement?


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