Tuesday 24 May 2022
Grande Halle

Panel Description

How can we further strengthen collaboration in the field of cybersecurity to establish more effective public-private partnerships and collectively increase our digital resilience? The scale of the challenges that we face in cyberspace today is enormous, constantly evolving and too large for any one organization or country to tackle alone. Cybersecurity is a file that is strengthened by scale and through international collaboration. Developing a global model that forges partnerships around a common view of cyber-risk, coordinated incident detection and response, information sharing, innovation, capacity building and alignment on global rules and standards has never been more important. The panel will address how partnerships between industry, the public sector, civic society, academia and technical experts can be deepened to meet our shared cybersecurity challenges more effectively, moving also from a reactive to a proactive response. Examples will include the networked approach established by Europol.

• How can privacy by innovation and privacy-enhancing technologies like homomorphic encryption contribute to more cyber resilience and strengthen public-private collaboration?
• Is the focus on cybersecurity enough or do we need a more comprehensive digital resilience-approach?
• Information sharing is the current demand but what are the limits and challenges caught between privacy and law enforcement needs?
• How can we respond to threats in cyberspace more proactively?


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