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Wednesday 30 January 2019
La Cave
AppPETs Project

Panel Description

The GDPR is now in place and brings new obligations for data protection and privacy enhancing technologies. But do we now see technologies designed to empower individuals and to regain control over their digital shadows? Together with developers of PETs, entrepreneurs who are selling privacy enhancing products, and policy practitioners, we want to discuss how we can practically advance the adoption of privacy by design into mobile development. For that we want to put a focus on the developers’ perspective - who in the end have to implement the code. We want to talk about the current challenges and obstacles in deploying PETs and possible solutions and approaches, from best practice guidelines to privacy enhancing libraries.

• Does the GDPR’s demand of technical solutions for data protection by design lead to the deployment of PETs? 
• What else is necessary to finally get these solutions into broad deployment? 
• What are the obstacles for developers and deployers?
• How can we generate consumer demand for PET?


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