Friday 24 January 2020
Area 42 Grand
Ada Lovelace Institute

Panel Description

In the short time since the GDPR was adopted, technological developments have already made some of its provisions insufficient. Taking that as a starting point, we want to explore and debate the improved legal frameworks that we will need for the next decade. We will examine areas of regulation that require rethinking alongside conceptual tools that we can bring to this task, such as the dichotomy between personal and non-personal data, the relationship between data protection and market regulations, and the notion of collective privacy.

Imagining a post-GDPR order requires a holistic approach to rethinking data and systems for collection, storage and processing. This discussion will consider not only the regulations necessary to effectively guarantee our rights, but also the narratives we use to talk about data and the practices we adopt to steward it.

-How should we conceptualise fundamental data rights in the light of artificial intelligence and other data-driven technologies?
-What are the gaps and inconsistencies in existing data regulations?
-How do we build effective mechanisms of redress?

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