Monday 23 May 2022
La Cave
International Enforcement Working Group – Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada

Panel Description

Owing to rapid technological innovations in biometric technology, including improvements to facial recognition (FRT) algorithms and the unprecedented availability of personal images, FRT is perceived as an easy and reliable biometric solution for identifying and authenticating individuals. The demand and temptation to deploy FRT solutions and services (hiring, policing, marketing, etc.) continues to grow all over the world, both in the private and public sectors. But, alas, every tech rose has its thorn and FRT is not an exception insofar as it constitutes a significant threat to individuals’ privacy if deployed outside legal parameters.
In this session, the panellists will outline the state of play in the world through concrete examples of national/regional strategies, recent investigations (including Clearview AI), and regulations and policy orientations in relation to private and public sector uses of FRT. The panel will consider:

• What are the different uses of FRT in the public and private sectors?
• What are the challenges to adapt certain PDP principles to FRT?
• How to reconcile the benefits of FRT and individuals’ privacy protection?
• What are the lessons learned from recent investigations on the use of FRT by private and public organisations?
• What are the different trends regarding regulating FRT?

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