Friday 26 May 2023
Area 42 Grand
Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) (UK)

Panel Description

This panel aims to showcase and discuss the importance of listening to user and citizen perspectives and the key role this plays in achieving privacy by design and transparency. It will explore approaches to engaging with members of the public when designing for privacy. The panellists’ views will be sought on how to successfully incorporate deliberative design, citizens’ consultations or other public engagement strategies into the development of privacy-focused products, services or policies. The panel will consider whether and how data protection can be strengthened by consulting with individuals during the development of both policy or products and services.

• How should we engage citizens in data protection discussions?
• What are the risks or limitations of involving citizens in policy making or product development?
• What do citizens’ perspectives add to policy making and/or product development?
• Who are these “citizens”? How to recruit/select groups to engage with?

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