Tuesday 24 May 2022
Grande Halle
Apple (US)

Panel Description

Privacy has increasingly become front page news, featuring prominently in political and social debates and financial reporting. From the legislative side, this is driven by laws such as the GDPR (EU), CCPA (CA), LGPD (BR) and PIPL (CN). But privacy is also being shaped by industry itself and beyond local legal requirements, with industry-led privacy enhancing technologies enabling global privacy effects. Civil society has also played a pivotal role in privacy governance, where academics and activists exert influence on privacy regulation and business practices. More and more, multistakeholderism is shaping global perspectives of privacy and reframing roles in this space. The panel will seek to explore how privacy and privacy enhancing technologies are being realized through multistakeholderism and the pros and cons of this approach. Can technical solutions to privacy pave the way for high levels of privacy protection beyond jurisdictional borders? Should laws provide space or even incentives for privacy preserving innovation and, if so, how? Panellists will be asked to put forward their views on global governance of privacy and whether privacy can and should be achieved through multistakeholderism and the limits therein.

• Can laws on their own achieve enhanced privacy for individuals?
• What are the areas for collaboration that can identify and achieve privacy paradigm shifts?
• How do we do so in a manner that enhances privacy without causing stakeholders to seek to block or water down those changes?
• What role will technology developments play and how can we harness those developments for good?


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