Friday 26 May 2023
Area 42 Grand
SCOPE Europe (EU)

Panel Description

This panel seeks to explore the global potential of co-regulatory tools in the field of data protection. Panellists will discuss the benefits of implementing codes of conduct to harmonise and build trust amidst the complexity of today’s digital economy. In this spirit, this group of experts will share the challenges of implementing the LGPD on the Brazilian side, while providing insights on the successful experience of the European cloud sector with co-regulation. Through an interactive and dynamic session, the audience will be able to understand how European and Brazilian key stakeholders are collaborating across borders to further develop robust and innovative data protection standards.

• What are the parallels and differences between the Brazilian LGPD and the European GDPR?
• How to increase cross-sectoral and cross-border cohesion in the establishment of robust data protection standards?
• What is the European privacy sector’s experience with implementing codes of conduct as a GDPR compliance tool?
• What are the limitations of currently implemented compliance mechanisms and how can stakeholders jointly optimise these instruments?

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