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Friday 1 February 2019
Petite Halle
European Centre on Privacy and Cybersecurity (ECPC), Maastricht University

Panel Description

The new technological developments have brought enormous research possibilities and have enabled rapid science advancements, by supplying the research community with tools for collecting, storing, merging and analysing enormous amounts of data in ways that were unimaginable just a few years ago. These advancements however can sometimes come at a price to ‘ethics’ and can challenge the implementation of some basic fundamental rights. The GDPR recognises the importance of technological development for the benefit of the digital society and sets forth special rules to carry out data processing for research purposes. This panel focuses on how the new data protection rules will determine and affect the use of personal data for research purposes and how to pursue an ethical approach to data processing through the implementation of “fairness-by-design” into automated decision-making.

• Can we safeguard fundamental human rights in the digital world?
• What are the implications of the new data protection rules when using personal data for research purposes?
• How to pursue ethical data processing through the implementation of “fairness-by-design”?


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