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Thursday 31 January 2019
Grande Halle

Panel Description

Once seen as something of a benign biometric, digitised photographs and facial recognition systems are everywhere. From Apple’s move from TouchID to FaceID, UK police forces’ rollout, Taylor Swift’s anti-stalker deployment, Amazon’s tech falsely matching mugshots to members of Congress, China’s wholesale embrace, Microsoft waking-up to the face surveillance society and suspicions that the #10YearChallenge is a ruse for machine learning, facial recognition is big news. Once the stuff of fantasy, serious resources are now invested in the development of a new generation of systems capable of detecting emotion, intentions and “suspicious behaviour”.

• What are the latest technological developments in facial recognition?
• What are the legal, social and ethical issues raised?
• What ethical and scientific issues are raised by R&D projects?
• What are potential regulatory responses?

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