Friday 24 January 2020
Area 42 Grand
Privacy Salon

Panel Description

With the use of facial recognitionand biometric technology, it’s becoming harder to remain faceless, should we beconcerned?  Technologyis persuading us to hand over our biometric data, so we can play with the waywe look. We may not care where our biometrics end up, but for protestors orminority groups, biometrics and facial recognition can have a darker side. Thispanel will explore from different perspectives whether we should be concernedabout handing over our biometric data and whether we actually have a choice.

• Whatevidence is there that we want to redefine our privacy and become faceless?
• Are we aware of the biometric data we are handing over to companies andgovernments?
• Are there subversive ways we can trick facial recognition?
• Is it becoming impossible to escape recognition even when we would like tohide?


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