Wednesday 24 May 2023
Grande Halle
Microsoft (US)

Panel Description

Artificial Intelligence may be one of the most transformative technologies that humanity has ever witnessed. The current wave of AI advancement presents both incredible new opportunities in human creativity, understanding and intelligence and potentially new safety, security and privacy consequences if not built responsibly. Today, and in the future, AI will play a central role in our societies and democracies worldwide. To ensure we have safe and secure democratic societies, we cannot afford to halt AI innovation. Just as new types of AI continue to transform our world; questions remain on how we can ensure responsible innovation while protecting our most fundamental human rights.

• What are the implications of this new wave of AI on our collective security and fundamental rights?
• How can we ensure that our current and future global policy frameworks are prepared for the wave of innovation that has just arrived?
• How should future legislation frame the responsibilities of private sector and regulators when it comes to AI governance?
• What can global initiatives on AI governance learn from the ongoing discussions on the AI Act?


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