Monday 23 May 2022
Area 42 Grand

Panel Description

Nowadays, businesses are faced with an increasingly complex privacy landscape. In particular, those companies involved in international data transfers find themselves in need for more clarity and transparency of rules. Codes of conduct as co-regulatory instruments not only have an ability to react quickly to a fast-past environment that is the current reality but also have a potential to harmonize privacy practices globally. An example of a cloud of conduct that was designed to meet these objectives is the EU Cloud Code of Conduct – the first legally operating code of conduct under art. 40 of the GDPR. During this session the representatives of the regulators, academia, and businesses will discuss in detail how code of conducts support companies in their day-to-day compliance as well as explore the advantages of co-regulatory tools and their potential to address recent challenges with international data transfers.

• What are the advantages of co-regulatory instruments?
• How does the EU Cloud Code of Conduct support the day-to-day compliance of Cloud Service Providers?
• What is the Third Country Transfer Initiative and how can it help address some of the recent challenges with international data transfers?

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