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Friday 1 February 2019
Area 42 Grand
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers/ICANN

Panel Description

The panel will focus on the challenge of ensuring consistency between local and regional legal frameworks with global policies underpinning the Internet such as implementing the GDPR for the purposes of the Internet domain name industry. Discussions will highlight the challenge of identifying “legitimate interests” for processing domain name data and the decades long dilemma of the WHOIS database, under significant change subject to GDPR implementation by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). The panel will serve to highlight ICANN’s efforts to comply with GDPR and its unique multistakeholder process behind developing the relevant policy. It will reflect the broad lessons learned on global multistakeholder processes responding to regional legislation. In particular the panelists will highlight the work on accrediting access to personal data of domain name registrants.

• How does ICANN WHOIS policy impact Internet users and global standards for privacy and data protection?
• How is ICANN’s global multistakeholder process responding to GDPR as regional legislation?
• How to balance legitimate interests in accessing data in a global multistakeholder environment?
• What are the lessons learned for Internet policy development, global MS processes and the trend towards national and regional legislation effecting the Internet?


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