Wednesday 22 January 2020
Petite Halle
Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung & Trans Atlantic Consumer Dialogue

Panel Description

This panel will considerhow aspects of privacy and data protection are working for consumers in theEuropean Union and the United States, with reference to the services of large platforms - e.g. Amazon, Netflix and Spotify. There are differences on how users are treated in terms of their privacy on each side of the Atlantic. While the EU has a harmonised legal base with GDPR, key objectives of EU law still require stronger oversight and enforcement, e.g. the objective to ensure that businesses are transparent and clear about the use of people’s data as well as the exercise of key rights. This panel debate is timely, as an evaluation of GDPR is due by the European Commission in May 2020, while the US is slowly but surely gearing up to implementing privacy laws on the federal level. It is important that consumer and privacy organisations encourage enforcement through continued investigation and taking cases to court.

·     How can regulators co-ordinate better to investigate companies’ practices regarding consumer control over personal information?

·     What guidance for companies is needed on the application of data protection by design, especially to guarantee the right of access?

·     What are the benefits for consumers of targeted advertising techniques and do they outweigh the risks?

·     How can regulators encourage data protection by design and default and discourage the use of dark patterns and other practices that prevent individuals from exercising their choices and rights?


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