Friday 26 May 2023
La Cave
European Centre on Privacy and Cybersecurity (ECPC) (NL)

Panel Description

On 11 May 2022, the EU Commission proposed a regulation on preventing and combating child sexual abuse. The proposal lays down rules allowing national authorities to mandate service providers to detect, block, delete and report known and new child sexual abuse material including the solicitation of children. The Proposal applies to virtually all online platforms and interpersonal communication services in the EU and would thus, have an impact on practically all online activity. The panel will discuss concerns around the proposal and what impact the proposed rules will have on the privacy of users in practice. In particular, the panelists will look at the protection of children and their right to human dignity and privacy, but also the positive obligation to ensure a safe environment for them in the digital world and whether the proposal could effectively achieve its objective.

• What impact has the CSA proposal on children’s right to human dignity and privacy?
• Is the CSA proposal ending the privacy of those who are supposed to be protected or effectively safeguarding children against online sexual abuse?
• What is the impact of the CSA proposal on digital activity, including private communication of users?
• To what extent are the rights and obligations provided for in the e-Privacy Directive (confidentiality of communications) restricted by analogy of Article 15(1) of the e-Privacy Directive?


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