Wednesday 25 May 2022
Area 42 Midi
Smart Global Governance / EDHEC Augmented Law Institute (FR)

Panel Description

The AI Act is an incredible innovation in the EU legal scenario. However, both the blacklist and the “high risk” list of AI practices might appear too narrow (the EDPB denounced the lack of protection for biometric identification and emotion recognition) and not not flexible enough for the challenges ahead. This panel aims to address, thus, the current limits but also the opportunities of the AI Act proposal. Possible tools could help to empower the current proposal, e.g.: a more flexible notion of risk, a better consideration of emotion recognition, but also individual rights, including an ex-ante duty of participatory design and development of the AI systems.

• Should the blacklist in the AI Act include also other AI practices (e.g., emotion recognition, commercial manipulation)?
• Should other tools protect individuals too (e.g. participatory design)? How?
• Is the proposed system of “high risk” classification effective, forward-looking and flexible enough?
• Is the AIA well connected to other existing legal frameworks (GDPR, EU Consumer protection law)?

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