Wednesday 22 January 2020
Grande Halle
CPDP and Bangor University

Panel Description

Bringing together academic, industrial and civil society expertise, this panel will address the rise of emotional AI and empathic technologies, focusing on children's toys and services. These raise human rights, privacy and data protection concerns, but also questions of technological domestication and what it means to live with systems that function by means of data about affect and emotion. The panel will aim:

  • To understand form, significance and usages of emotional AI and empathic technologies.
  • To explore a specific use case: toys and other situations where child affect/emotion data is processed.
  • To consider governance (which includes human rights and law, but also other tools and approaches).
  • To answer whether a future involving child data about emotions and affective states is OK in specific human-object interactions, or if it is innately wrong.


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