Thursday 23 January 2020
Area 42 Petit

Panel Description

The Young Scholars Award (YSA), hosted by the EuropeanData Protection Law Review (EDPL) in cooperation with CPDP, is given annually to outstanding emerging researchers in the field of privacy and data protectionlaw. During this panel session, the three best young academic will present their research and discuss it with the competition jury members and the audience.

The winner of the award will be revealed at aceremony at the end of the YSA panel. Presenters:

Thilo Gottschalk, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology(DE) The Data-Laundromat? Public-Private-Partnerships and Publicly AvailableData in the Area of Law Enforcement

Thiago Moraes Tilburg University Mater Thesis (NL) SparklingLights in the Going Dark: Legal Safeguards for Law Enforcement’s Encryption CircumventionMeasures

Johan Peeters KU Leuven Master Thesis (BE) DataProtection in Mobile Wallets

The winner will be announced at the end of the panel.The jury that will comment on the papers will consist of Franziska Boehm (KIT),Maja Brkan (University of Maastricht), Hielke Hijmans (Belgian Data ProtectionAuthority) and Bart van der Sloot (Tilburg University).


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