Thursday 23 January 2020
Area 42 Grand

Panel Description

The relationship between data protection authorities and law enforcement agencies has always been a sensitive issue. Reconciling law and order interests and security and fundamental rights, as well as finding the least privacy-intrusive means in fighting crime and terrorism are often contested by DPAs. The increasing use of AI in policing/law enforcement posed new challenges for DPAs and generated critical comments from civil organizations. In this panel data protection commissioners, legal experts and civil activists will discuss the following questions:

- What have been DPAs' experiences so far with performing their supervisory role under the Police Directive 2016/680? Do national security and counter-terrorism objectives limit the exercise of this role in practice?

- Is it better to extend DPAs' responsibility for regulating the law enforcement sector, to share it with other supervisory authorities, or to leave it to the other supervisory authorities? How does these arrangements vary across countries?

- Is the increasing interest in 'algorithmic policing' creating new privacy, data protection, and human rights issues for DPAs to handle?


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