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Thursday 31 January 2019
Area 42 Grand

Panel Description

Disinformation online and how it can be addressed is an issue that governments around the world are presently grappling with. To ensure sustainable policymaking in this space, it is essential to not just look at disinformation in isolation, but also in context of its relation to the broader internet ecosystem. This panel discussion will seek to do just that, by unpacking the relationship between disinformation and the targeted advertising business model that underpins the internet today. Bringing together a diverse panel of policy experts and practitioners, this panel will assess the sustainability of today’s targeted advertising business model, and will explore whether regulatory, technological, or commercial change is needed to ensure online advertising doesn’t inadvertently fuel the disinformation phenomenon. 

• Which are the causes, drivers, and scope of the problem of disinformation or “information pollution”?
• What role does targeted advertising play in the spread of disinformation online?
• What role does legislation, policy, or other initiatives have in thwarting its spread?


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