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Friday 1 February 2019
Grande Halle
Information Commissioner's Office (ICO)

Panel Description

Respect for people’s privacy and data about them is one of the essential freedoms underpinning a modern and vibrant demos. Attention and the civic space have been colonised by a handful of private gatekeepers which provide a easy target for malicious actors and unaccountable AI. The ensuing subversion of trust and public discourse, characterised by filter bubbles and polarisation, has led to speculation about how democracy could die. There is no quick fix for this crisis but enforcement of data protection rules is going to be integral to safeguarding fair and free participation in elections in the digital era. In election year for the European Parliament, now is the moment for regulators to join forces.

• How can democratic discourse survive in an age of ‘pseudo-public’ digital space?
• What is the interplay between data protection, media and electoral rules and how should regulators coordinate enforcement?
• What role for antitrust in disciplining dominant platforms and preventing further concentration of informational power
• What in practical terms is needed to bolster the integrity of the EP elections in 2019?

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