Thursday 23 January 2020
La Cave
Fundação Getúlio Vargas Law School

Panel Description

Even if data protection legal frameworks are quickly spreading (at least 130 countries have general legislation already enacted) and some principles and instruments seem likely to become international standards, their implementation has regional peculiarities and flavours that should be taken into account. In BRICS countries - Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa -, the very implementation of data protection legal frameworks followed very specific dynamics. In some countries implementation is not yet completed, in others it has very distinctive characteristics and, generally speaking, both statements are true. Considering the prominent nature of the regulators in this field (the DPA, or Data Protection Authority) and their centrality to the enforcement of the legislation and to international harmonisation, this panel focuses on the structure, characteristics and experiences of the DPAs or other enforcement mechanisms in BRICS countries, looking to identify and emphasise their nature and foster knowledge on their work.

  • Data Protection enforcement and DPAs
  • BRICS countries
  • International harmonization of data protection legal frameworks
  • Implementation of data protection frameworks by BRICS' DPAs


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