Friday 24 January 2020
Area 42 Petit
SPECTRE Research Project

Panel Description

Withtechnology being ever more present in our lives, and bringing about muchapplauded efficiencies for urban life, smart city initiatives are becomingincreasingly popular. And with them come privacy and data protectionchallenges; in smart cities, the spectre of privacy looms. The existence of acomprehensive EU legal framework on data protection is much welcomed, yet,implementing the law proves challenging in the data intensive and multi-actorsmart city environment. Focusing on accountability as a key principle in theGDPR, this panel discusses challenges, opportunities and best practices thatemerge on the road to privacy-aware and accountable cities. It reflects onDPIAs as accountability tools, experiences  from smart city DPIAs andconsiderations on costs, difficulties in assigning responsibilities amongdifferent actors and multiple smart initiatives spread across the city, citizenengagement and the role of standardization.

• Can DPIAs become effective accountability tools in the smart city?

•Is there scope for the smart citizen, academia or civil society to act as dataprotection watchdogs?

•Does the complexity of the smart city ecosystem comprised of different publicand private actors impact data protection?

•Personal data and sensitive data in the smart city - Controllership challenges


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