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Thursday 31 January 2019
Petite Halle
CEU San Pablo University - Google Chair on Privacy, Society and Innovation

Panel Description

In a democratic society, it is always essential to search for the mechanisms contributing to a greater protection of citizens’ fundamental rights. For years we have been witnessing a debate, on both sides of the Atlantic, about the relevance of the formulation of a right of ownership of personal data. It is interesting to analyse how the creation of this new right has different implications in different legal systems. In this panel we will consider the following questions:

• Can the right of ownership of personal data contribute to reinforcing the right to data protection and the right to privacy?
• What would be the impact of the formulation of a right of ownership of personal data in the field of data-driven innovation? Can this right contribute to the development of technological innovations based on data?
• Can the vision based on a property right in our personal data fit in a context of the defence of a fundamental right in our democratic societies? Can personal data be an asset that may be subject to commercial and / or economic operations?
• Is the legal view about data ownership shared on both sides of the Atlantic?


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