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Wednesday 30 January 2019
Area 42 Grand
BSA | The Software Alliance

Panel Description

The GDPR introduced robust requirements for data protection, security, and compliance when collecting and analyzing data tied to EU citizens - no matter where it is processed or stored. The regulation has sparked deliberations concerning data protection and privacy the world over, both on government and industry level. While there is no universal approach to privacy, the GDPR is a compass for future privacy rules and an important step forward for clarifying and protecting individual privacy rights. Countries around the world including the U.S., Brazil, India and Japan have entered or are now considering the next phases in their approaches to data privacy. This panel will bring together speakers from the EU and key jurisdictions to discuss how the world’s data protection and privacy policy landscape is evolving post-GDPR and what lessons can be learned from the first months of GDPR’s enforcement. Questions to be addressed include:

• How can the global data protection community balance the simultaneous global and regional pushes towards regulation?
• With more than 6 months of enforcement experience under its belt, what advice do EU officials and stakeholders have to offer other regulators in the midst of drafting their own regulations?
• What questions do global stakeholders have for the EU?

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