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Wednesday 30 January 2019
Area 42 Grand
European Commission

Panel Description

This panel will bring together policy makers and experts from Asian countries such as India, Indonesia, Singapore and South Korea to discuss the region’s experiences of reforming domestic legal frameworks in the light of global convergence towards a modern data protection system. Drawing also on the ongoing adequacy dialogue with the EU, the South Korean panelist will reflect on the importance of global convergence for cross-border data flows, while the Indian and Indonesian panelists will report on the national debates and policy-making process in drafting new data protection laws. The panel will also discuss how to combine convergence with national legal traditions and domestic institutional settings.

• What considerations have shaped data protection reform processes across Asian markets such as South Korea, Indonesia, and India?
• What are the economic drivers for data protection legal reform in the region?
• How have Asian countries balanced the interest in convergence with political or societal pressures to adopt data protection frameworks that reflect domestic realities?
• If convergence facilitates data flows, how do data localization rules fit into the picture?


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