Tuesday 24 May 2022
Grande Halle
European Commission (EU)

Panel Description

Data Protection Authorities - established and nascent - are increasingly engaging in cross-border cooperation. Regional and global networks are seen not only as providing opportunities to share knowledge, exchange best practices or enhance enforcement cooperation, but also as a means to foster convergence around high data protection standards. At the same time, new synergies are developing between these networks and international organisations such as the OECD, ASEAN, or the EU, whose work focusses increasingly on developing bridges between different privacy systems, to facilitate trusted data flows.
On this panel, regulators, and privacy specialists from across the globe will share their views on the benefits, challenges, and potential of cross-border cooperation between data protection authorities, including what citizens and business stand to gain from it. We will learn about the practical experience of authorities that have engaged in this type of cooperation and hear the expectations of recently established ones. We will also discuss new forms of cooperation at regional and global level.

• What are the benefits of cross-border cooperation between DPAs and what are the challenges to the (further) development of such cooperation?
• What can regional networks do to bring cooperation between DPAs to the next level?  What are the success stories and missed opportunities for regional cooperation?
• How can national, regional and global frameworks interact better in order to foster convergence in privacy standards? Is cooperation between regional networks a realistic objective, in addition or as an alternative to bilateral cooperation?


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