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Wednesday 30 January 2019
Area 42 Petit
Transatlantic Consumer Dialogue (TACD) and BEUC

Panel Description

Society and consumer welfare require the existence of competitive markets driven by choice and innovation, so individuals can choose freely among a wide range of contents, services and products. However, in recent years digital platforms have concentrated and wielded enormous powers, due to the processing of vast amounts of personal data. Their powers can cause privacy and economic harms, such as degradation of service or exclusion from information. Increased exploitation of this data, combined with micro-targeting by corporations, has also resulted in practices which have bad implications for the working of democratic institutions. Further, it is argued that GDPR may have negative impacts on competition, as new entrants do not have the access to the data possessed by corporations. As a result of these trends there is now big focus on how to apply traditional competition law in digital markets.

• Do complex technologies and sophisticated abuses of market power call for adjustments to the goals and scope of competition law enforcement?
• How should authorities re-interpret competition regulations to address privacy and other challenges by massive data exploitation?
• What does “consumer welfare” mean in digital markets regarding zero-price services?
• How can privacy, competition and consumer protection law cooperate and complement each other?


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