Wednesday 22 January 2020
Area 42 Grand

Panel Description

This panel intends to discuss children’s privacy values, practices, understandings and perception of harm in today’s complex digital society. It will draw on the findings of an empirical study with secondary-school age children about online privacy and growing up in a digital age. It will debate the use of artificial intelligence in education, learning about the recommendations of the Council of Europe Consultative Committee on Convention 108+ on children’s data in education and about two regulatory complaints concerning edTech products. It will look at the regulatory guidance on the use of children’s data and some of the challenges that raises for those trying to implement it. Overall, the panel will discuss possible solutions at different levels: educational, regulation and design.

  • What does children's privacy mean in the digital age? Are current data protection laws sufficient to address privacy fears children face?
  • How can we increase the transparency of children’s data collection, improve privacy control navigation and offer user-friendly features to control privacy settings? How can we cultivate industry self-regulation and standards around user access rights? Are any best practices identifiable?
  • How artificial intelligence is being used in children's education? What is its impact on children's privacy and personal data? What recommendations can be made?


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