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Friday 1 February 2019
Grande Halle

Panel Description

The commodification of personal data as a result of technological innovations is of a magnitude and ubiquity that qualifies as a defining societal condition and signals the onset of a new era: Surveillance Capitalism. To Shoshana Zuboff “this new form of information capitalism aims to predict and modify human behavior as a means to produce revenue and market control.” Naturally, surveillance capitalism can function best in social contexts adapted to its needs. In this regard, this panel will consider the extent to which surveillance capitalism - as a mode of thought and action - has succeeded in infiltrating and capturing democratic and legislative processes and shaping them to its purposes.

• In what ways does surveillance capitalism infiltrate democratic and legislative processes?
• How far has this infiltration gone?
• Where is it heading in the future?
• What are the alternatives and how might resistance best be mounted?

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