Tuesday 24 May 2022
Area 42 Petit
PROTEIN project (EU)

Panel Description

Personalized nutrition technologies leverage on the collection and analysis of large volumes of data related to individuals’ dietary behavioural patterns, physical activity and other parameters to provide generic and tailored nutrition, fitness and life-style advice. Till today there is no common definition as to what personalized nutrition entails. What there is agreement on is that it is a multifaceted concept of many levels and fragmented regulation. This panel discusses some of the impacts that such technologies have on private life. On one hand, the panel delves onto the concerns about the use of sensitive personal data, the surveillance one subjected to while eating, shopping for food, or doing sports, and the trustworthiness of applications marketed as well-being apps while impinging on health status. On the other, the panel draws attention to the blurred lines between lifestyle and health, health data and non-health data, medical and non-medical context - leading ultimately to questions of consumer safety, discrimination and stigma.

• How has our relationship to food and nutrition evolved over the years, both at an individual and a societal level?
• How ‘personalised’ is personalized nutrition in practice?
• What are the legal implications when widely available personalised nutrition products are consumed by the non-intended consumer or the non-intended consumer group?
• How does food law interact with data protection law?

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