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Thursday 31 January 2019
Area 42 Petit
University of Edinburgh

Panel Description

Anonymity technologies differ from data confidentiality technologies in that they require a community of users that form an “anonymity set”. While a pair of people can generate and use cryptographic keys to preserve the confidentiality of data, nobody can be anonymous on their own. A successful anonymity system can only provide good anonymity properties when it is used by enough people. Moreover, anonymity is rarely aligned with business incentives, online business models often rely on identifying, tracking and profiling users in exchange for personalised services and advertisements. This panel will explore these challenges and discuss:

• How do we build and sustain a community of users and developers around open source software that provides anonymity services? 
• What are the best strategies for funding privacy technologies? 
• Are the new applications around blockchains and cryptocurrencies an opportunity for anonymity systems?


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