Thursday 23 January 2020
Petite Halle
CEU San Pablo University - Google Chair on Privacy, Security and Innovation

Panel Description

One of the most important issues related to artificial intelligence is the transparency of algorithms which are used in combination with a large amount of data. The potential impact of the use of algorithms on certain fundamental rights and public freedoms emphasizes the need for their transparency, with the aim of being able to limit abusive practices. More specifically, when assessing whether the use of algorithms can result in certain discriminatory practices, transparency as to how algorithms operate is essential. The growing importance of technological innovation brings an unprecedented contribution by algorithms in both the social and economic fields. This should be accompanied by transparency in order to ensure an effective protection of fundamental rights.

  • Is it possible to limit discrimination in the context of data-driven innovations when they are combined with the use of powerful algorithms?
  • Should the possibility of prediction have, as an element of governance, the criterion of algorithmic transparency?
  • How can we provide an explanation of how the algorithm works, ensuring transparency while maintaining a fair balance with organisations' know-how?
  • How can we provide explanations of algorithms so that they can be understood by the audience they will impact?

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