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Wednesday 30 January 2019
Petite Halle

Panel Description

The development of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning tools often depends on vast quantities of data - frequently personal data as defined by the GDPR. Given the extensive limits and controls applied by the GDPR (and the fundamental rights to privacy and data protection underpinning it in EU law), will the developing interpretation of these laws by national courts and the Court of Justice fully protect EU residents’ rights - or will further ex ante regulation be required?
In this Oxford Union-style debate, three leading experts will speak for 10 minutes each for and against the motion that “This House believes the GDPR will not be enough to regulate Artificial Intelligence”. They will then debate the motion with the audience, before a final vote is held.
Join us for what we hope will be one of the liveliest and least consensual sessions at CPDP!


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