Wednesday 22 January 2020
Grande Halle

Panel Description

Over the past few years, tremendous advancements in disease detection and precision medicine have been achieved thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based systems. While increased computing capability supports complex algorithms to deploy AI for new life-enhancing and potentially life-saving uses, extracting meaningful information from health datasets translate to an increased need to protect sensitive personal information and to trust autonomous decision-making. Innovative regulatory and technological approaches should be fostered to allow for access, use, sharing, transfer and protection of data in the context of AI systems for healthcare purposes. The panel comprises policymakers, academia and industry and aims to discuss the current state of play and the most promising public policy opportunities and international initiatives.  

• What are the current initiatives to promote secondary use of personal data in the healthcare sector?

• How can public and private sector collaborate to open and share high value datasets?  

• Can we address privacy and ethical concerns while enabling data analytics for healthcare?

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