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Wednesday 30 January 2019
Petite Halle
Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust, University of Luxembourg

Panel Description

AI calls for a “coordinated action plan” as recently stated by the European Commission. With its societal and ethical implications, it is a matter of general impact across sectors, going beyond security and trustworthiness or the creation of a regulatory framework. Hence this panel intends to address the topic of AI governance, whether such governance is needed and if so, how to ensure its consistency. It will also discuss whether existing structures and bodies are adequate to deal with such governance, or, if we perhaps need to think about creating new structures and mandate them with this task. Where do we stand and where are we heading in terms of how we are collectively dealing with the soon to be almost ubiquitous phenomenon of AI?

• Do we need AI governance? If so, who should be in charge of it?
• Is there a need to ensure consistency of such governance?
• What are the risks? Do we know them and are we in the right position to address them?
• Are existing structures/bodies sufficient to address these issues or do we perhaps need to create news ones?


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