Thursday 23 January 2020
La Cave
Information, Communication & the Data Society (ICDS) – University of Amsterdam

Panel Description

AI-driven innovation such as news recommender systems, chatbots, deepfakes, and microtargeting have recently made their entrance in the public realm. With AI-driven innovation come great potential risks. Online actors (e.g., political actors, partisan news platforms) can collect and use individuals’ data to deliver targeted disinformation such as deepfakes, customized propaganda, and polarizing content where people can be drawn toward extremist viewpoints. In this panel we discuss:

  • Whether there should be something like chatbot oversight, and how should this be organized?
  • What legal instruments – notably data protection, consumer protection and/or media law – can play a role in limiting the threats of AI-based political news consumption?
  • How can lawmakers fight disinformation?
  • How can the law keep up with the fast-moving developments in AI?


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No speakers found (yet).

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